Yoga is an invigorating physical practice. It is also an inward journey of self discovery and healing that has the ability to calm the mind and soothe the soul. Our creative and evolving form of yoga will take you through a whole body experience with the breath as the navigating guide.

Our yoga classes offer a complete spectrum of rhythms based on the experience and energy of each class. The rhythms range from rejuvenating and mediative to empowering and challenging. The combination of flowing sequences and held postures naturally generates heat in the body.


Delve into your yoga practice with this fun and challenging class. You will be encouraged to consciously link each movement with breath as you flow, creating a meditative practice, connecting you to mind, body and spirit. Build strength and flexibility through creative sequencing linking standing poses, arm balances, inversions and reclined poses.


The practice of Vinyasa Yin yoga consists in alternating between a fluid and dynamic practice of Vinyasa (Yang), with the aim of strengthening and invigorating the body and mind. The practice of Yin consists in holding postures between 2 to 5 minutes to promote flexibility by working on the deep tissues and the fascias, as well as the flow of energy.


This class moves at a slower, gentler pace than a Vinyasa Flow class. Always paying attention to the breath, alignment and the therapeutic principles of each posture. This class is great for beginners and if you prefer a more relaxed class, where poses are held for longer. Feel improvements in your strength, flexibility and balance and come away feeling a peaceful connection between body and mind.


Yin yoga is a gentle yoga, its practice consists in holding postures, generally seated, for long periods – between 5 and 20 minutes. The practice of Yin yoga helps improve body flexibility, joint and bone health, as well as lengthening and strengthening the connective tissues.