Yoga is an invigorating physical practice. It is also an inward journey of self discovery and healing that has the ability to calm the mind and soothe the soul. Our creative and evolving form of yoga will take you through a whole body experience with the breath as the navigating guide.

Our Yoga classes

Our yoga classes offer a complete spectrum of rhythms based on the experience and energy of each class. The rhythms range from rejuvenating and mediative to empowering and challenging. The combination of flowing sequences and held postures naturally generates heat in the body.

Discover Yoga

Yoga builds strength, endurance, flexibility and a strong focus. Open to all levels, from beginners to more advanced, we invite you to explore and discover what the body is capable of in a safe and comfortable environment. Come join us at Beverly Hill Studios in Nice – 4 rue Blacas. You can also call the studio directly on 06 79 89 57 90 for more information about our Yoga classes!