Barre classes are an excellent way to tone your body, perfect your form, and enjoy a vigorous workout. Barre routines are commonly used as part of ballet dancers’ regular training regimens, but they’re also useful for non-dancers.

Essentially, barre takes the basic workout that would typically be done at the ballet barre and provides everyone the opportunity to have a lean strong body.


A fusion of ballet-inspired moves, pilates and strength training. A class to improve overall body strength, flexibility, posture and balance. Each class focuses on isometric exercises with high reps of small range-of-motion movements using light weights and resistance bands to build a leaner, stronger body and enhance mind body connection. As well as sculpting arms, legs, butt and core.


An energetic, fun and effective class to strengthen, tone and sculpt your abs, glutes and thighs using a barre, with or without resistance bands and weights.


A high paced 45-minute barre class to burn calories and sweat. Incorporating the principles of HIIT – short periods of intense exercise combined with quick rest intervals – using a mixture of classic Barre exercises. A great way to lose weight and boost your metabolism.