The detox program is designed to purify your body and relieve inflammation as well as eliminate those extra winter kilos!
In just 4 consultations (2 face to face and 2 over the phone) Karina will teach you how to detox your body whilst naturally supporting your liver, intestines, lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs and skin to help reduce all inflammation due to an unhealthy diet.
Karina’s program will allow you to improve your overall state of well-being, lose weight and feel good!

Program :
A general overall assessment. Followed by a balanced diet plan to allow your body to eliminate and regenerate through natural remedies. Individual tips and tricks to revitalize the body, prevent and compensate nutritional deficiencies to help support your body to lead to optimal health.
There is no treatment or diet that can adapt to everyone. Thus, this personalized program is designed to adapt to each individual’s needs.

To help support the body through this detox program it is important to exercise to help eliminate the toxins and oxygenate tissues. Exercising will optimize your bodily functions and will improve your circulatory, respiratory and nervous system as well as the regularity of your transit, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.

Our pilates and yoga classes will be a great complement to this detox program.
Price for 4 consultations + 5 group classes at Beverly Hills Studios 260 €
Price for 4 consultations 210 €