Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 22, 2018Uncategorized

Just a note from the Beverly Hills Studios team. In a year, every moment counts … So, we wish you: – – 1 year of glee – 12 months of pleasure – 52 weeks of well-being – 366 days of luck – 8,784 hours of success – 527 040 minutes of Love – for a … Read More

Yoga Bar Fusion Master Class with Rose and Sonia Lily

December 21, 2018Events

Another novelty for this upcoming year! We’ve decided to launch a master class that will unite two worlds, fitness and yoga. Inspired by our dynamic coach Sonia Lily and our calm and soothing yoga teacher Rose. A fusion of classic barre and yoga to help tone, strengthen and sculpt arms, legs, core and butt. Starting … Read More

4 good resolutions to start 2019 on the right foot!

December 21, 2018News

Every year it’s the same old story, we begin each year with good resolutions … And if 2019 were the year of change? The year where we begin taking good habits that can embellish our lives? We’ve jot done a few ideas for you! Enjoy the Beverly Hills Studios “Happy New Year 2019” offer – … Read More

New at Beverly Hills Studios

December 21, 2018News

We have set up a new pack of 3 group classes for 55€! Now you can buy this pack as many times as you wish! For our new customers the discovery offer is now 2 classes for 25 €. As of January 1st, 2019, our free trial classes will no longer be available! For your … Read More

Special Unlimited Contract

December 21, 2018News

Clients that have subscribed to the unlimited offer at 140€ per month will benefit from 2 passes for friends! This will allow you to bring 2 of your friends for a free trial class. FYI : your unlimited contract commits you for 3 consecutive months. Each time you renew it, you obtain 2 new passes … Read More